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With a magical blend of ancient sites, fascinating culture, beautiful wilderness, idyllic beaches and vibrant cities, Sri Lanka - a jewel in the Indian Ocean has something special for everybody who love travelling. From ancient Anuradhapura city and the well-preserved Polonnaruwa ruins, to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic and the impressive Sigiriya rock fortress, Sri Lankan culture spans more than 2,000 years and still remains vibrant and alive today. Trek through lush tea plantations, indulge in seafood feasts in quaint fishing villages and dip your toes in the calm, clear waters of Mirissa beach on this all-encompassing adventure for those seeking a unique travel experience. ​


Comfortable Transportation

Heaven Lanka Holidays offers diversified transportation services to suit individual and corporate needs. Our goal is to provide our visitors with the highest quality transportation services so that getting to your destination becomes a great travel experience. Our qualified staff is trained to assist you with all your travel plans while our professional drivers are ready to help you reach your destination. Our fleet includes comfortable cars to large coaches, and more.

Pleasant Accommodation

We give you the choices of accommodation from boutiques to star hotels so you can choose what best suits your budget. Whatever you decide you are guaranteed a comfortable room and a warm welcome from us. We are committed to making everyone’s tour with us as enjoyable and comfortable as possible no matter what their individual needs are.

Tailor made Tours

Experience Sri Lanka’s fusion of cultures and diversity of nature in a tailor-made itinerary created for you by Heaven Lanka Holidays. From accommodation carefully matched to your preferences to privately guided tours and personalised expeditions, our in-depth, first-hand knowledge of Sri Lanka will ensure you experience a bespoke and luxurious trip. Let us know your expectations and requirements about your special tour and we can make arrangements to suit your needs in our Tailor made Tour service.

Best Tour Guides

Our Guides love Sri Lanka; they want you to experience the best we have to offer and to understand why it’s such a special place. These highly trained and friendly locals will help you discover our history, culture, wildlife and breathtaking scenery. They appreciate that travel is as much about having a great time as it is about discovering new places. We genuinely believe we have the best Guides.


We offer you the option of custom designing your own holiday. You are a unique individual, with your own taste and desires. We recognize that not everybody enjoys the same thing. We have the expertise to help you create your own package incorporating your preferences and hopefully exceed your expectation.

About Us

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean attracts the nature lovers as well as the people love cultural and historical values. To explore this elegant island join with our Heaven Lanka Holidays and create memories for lifetime.

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